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Upcycling furniture

After spending hours staring at these ugly set of drawers in my bedroom and then in the spare room (first picture below), I decided to upcycle them to fit the decor in which I will be decorating my spare room over the coming weeks, see below for the transformation from the first picture to the last!

Before you start, make sure you have removed all drawers, knobs and trimmings (removable ones) and that you have somewhere to set up which will make painting easier. I set the larger piece on two bricks, in the garden and under a covered area in case it rained (which it did!). I used a small paintbrush and a small paint tray.

Step one: SAND your piece of furniture down, not too much though as this can completely rip off the laminate surface. I wore gloves as I hate the feel of dusty/powdery substances, then wipe off the dust on the surface. If you get it wet, allow to fully dry.

Step two: PRIME, with preferably two coats of primer paint. Let the coats dry as per the required times stated on the tins of paint. You can also buy sprays and specific paints which doesn't require you to prime, however they do come a little more costly.

The one I bought was: Colours Difficult surfaces White Wall Primer & undercoat

Step three: PAINT with your fav colour of choice. The Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint has always been great and I've also upcycled other furniture with their paint.

This was the one I used: Rust-Oleum Bramwell Chalk Paint

Step four: WAX if you're using chalk paint, this stops it from chipping and scratches.

I used: Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing wax

Step five: ACCESSORISE. I bought my gorgeous bee door knobs from Homesense and then spray painted them the colour I wanted, which was a combo of black and copper.

There are many cute knobs online, here is a fab collection: Sass & Belle Drawer Knobs

Before & during


Next job, painting the spare room! This is going to be a fun one :D watch this space.

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Another upcycling project I completed with Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint in Antique White

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