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Things to do in isolation

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

In these uncertain times of the Coronavirus pandemic, it's important that we stay at home and try to keep ourselves and one another entertained, some people aren't so lucky to have company and some of us may have too much! We can't be too picky about who we spend the next however many weeks together BUT we can choose how to spend it!

The best thing to start with is to make a list of all the things you would like to do and even cherry-pick from some of my ideas below. Then act upon them! Get creative if you can't access certain resources, I, for example, cut up a load of old T-shirts and made them into plant hangers! Just don't mope around, that's not going to be good for your mental health in the long run when this all fizzles out.


Get out your gardening gloves, trowel and secateurs, tackle the weeds and trim down those bushes and plants! Gardeners World offer a monthly 'what to do in the garden now' and here it is https://www.gardenersworld.com/what-to-do-now-april/

Paint a room

Is there a room in the house which you've been meaning to paint for months, years and you keep putting it off for all of the excuses in the world? Well, guess what, you've now got all the time in the world so grab that paint pot and brush sitting in the cupboard or head down to B&Q before it locks down and get what you need to make it the paint job of dreams. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to paint a room, here's one from Good Housekeeping: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/renovation/advice/a18680/how-to-paint-a-room/

Learn a new or develop a skill

Whether it be a small degree or a calligraphy course online, there are hundreds and hundreds of online activities and degree's to choose from online. Just type into Google what you want to do and guaranteed there will be an online course for it! Have a look on Skill Share for more ideas.

- Calligraphy

- Painting

- Knitting

- Crocheting

- Quilting

- Degrees for anything!

- Flower arranging

- Plant propagation

- Bullet Journalling

- Art Activity https://www.facebook.com/cheltartstudio/

Upcycle a piece of furniture

Do you have an old piece of furniture which is so ugly to can't even look at it? Well, it's so easy to upcycle furniture these days. All you need is the right primer for the job and your fav colour paint and maybe some new drawer/doorknobs.

Repurpose and reuse old stuff

If you want to go one step further and create things out of old things then here is a great inspiration blog on how to do just that!


Go for a long long walk

And get lost, why not? Remember to take a picnic and some water to keep you going, if you live in the country then you'll have endless fields and woods to explore, and if you live in the city, I'm sure there is something a short drive away which will be fun to explore, a new opportunity to find some green nearby!

National Trust grounds are FREE!

whilst the house, cafes and shops are closed, the grounds of all National Trust spots are free until further notice, how great is that!!! So continuing from going for a walk, here is a great idea where to go!

Find the nearest one by you: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/

Online exercise videos and classes

- 30-day free membership with David McCall. With access to online classes, recipes and planners: https://ownyourgoalsdavina.com/

- The Body Coach workouts, including PE for kids! : https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv

- Sweaty Betty workouts: https://www.youtube.com/user/SweatyBettyUK

- Zumba workouts

- Yoga workouts

- Vitality UK - tips and workouts

Do a games/book swap

This can be done many ways, but specifically, if you have a great community, you can start the idea off on your local noticeboard or simply drop some old games and books outside with a sign saying please take me or swap me - you may end up with a game from your childhood or one you've never played before.

An online quiz with friends and family

One of our friends has set this up and was a genius idea!

Microsoft PowerPoint for the quiz downloaded from Office.com and created by you (there are so many free quiz questions online you can find). Personalised with layouts/colours/whatever you wish to make it fun for all.

Microsoft forms for the actual quiz answers, which is free if you have a live.com/outlook.com/hotmail.com email address and again personalise as per the theme of the quiz.

Once you're done, simply send out invitations to a skype or other web conference functionality to tose invited and share your screen so they can communicate with you whilst presenting the presentation and they can fill out the form as they go.

Disclaimer: you will ideally need more than one screen device per household/team.

Have a fine dining experience with your partner

What's stopping you from dressing up and setting the table as if you were in a five-star restaurant? Who cares if the food is actually a takeaway (make it your fav one), put it in some fancy china and light a candle, nice music and boom - fancy!

Create a 3-4 course meal from scratch, some of these need pre-preparation and can take hours to make: https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes

Create a meal from tins! YES, tins! https://cookingonabootstrap.com/tag/tinned-food/

Create a spa day

You'll find that many mobile therapists are still offering their services, but even if you don't have access to one or a spa for that matter, you can still recreate a spa-like environment in your home. What things could you do?

- Get into your comfies, a robe, fluffy socks etc

- Run a bath - salts, bubbles etc (find my idea of a perfect bath here )

- Light some candles

- Diffusers & aromatherapy

- Get some fizz or a herbal tea

- Fancy cake?

- Spa music playlist (on your phone or youtube)

- Close curtains / dim lights

- Dust off your old nail polish set

- Face masks

- Got a foot bath/massager hidden in the loft? Get it out

- Create a foot bath in a bowl, ideas here

- Create a homemade scrub, ideas here

- Create a spot with cushions, throws and read a book

For the kids

Now you may be thinking what if I have kids? Well, I think many of these activities can apply to children and I believe that during this period, it may lead them to develop new skills and responsibilities around the house. I remember growing up, we did a lot of chores and made them into games.

- Create a timetable where they can track their chores, get them to design it and complete it. Maybe there are rewards in place once completed.

- Online activities, games and learning. There are lots of online resources where kids can learn and play, I would say that now isn't the time to worry too much about excessive screen times - however, do make sure they break up the day by going out or doing something away from a screen.

For learning: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/

Colouring sheets by Jacqueline Colley

- Play ball, go out on bikes - easiest and cheapest solutions

- Google some games ideas. Me and my brother played cops and robbers growing up. One would set up traps in a room and once ready we would time the other until they made a noise trying to get into said room.

- Little Learners is a home tutor based in Gloucestershire, who is also posting many learning activities and tips over the course of the next week or so. Keep a watch out :)

- Tip from a teacher, Deborah Morganstern :

Those who are now homeschooling: Stop trying to recreate a classroom in your home. Schools are a flawed system (and I'm a teacher saying this)...classes have to be the way they are, to manage 30 kids at a time with limited funding. Get outdoors, go for long walks, plant seeds, cook together, make stuff from old packaging, create marvellous Lego contraptions, learn the names of trees and birds, research a future dream holiday, read stories and write a diary. All of this develops the same skills that we develop at school.

Lego challenge!

And finally, if you find yourself struggling, please seek help, there are lots of people who are looking to help their fellow neighbours in the community...

A guide to living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty:


Please share your ideas of what you will be getting up to over the next few weeks :) and any tips on keeping sane!

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