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The Ultimate Xmas gift guide

Tis' the season to be jolly, but also the season to struggle to choose gifts for every single picky member of your family and friendship group. It's mid-December and you're still waiting to find that perfect gift. Well, I think I've got you covered.

The man who has everything

A personal struggle of mine is finding something for the men in my family and for my fiancee. They are impossible to buy for because they buy what they need as they go! Here are some of my go to's this year.

Wine box puzzle

Neal's Yard Seaweed And Arnica Wash

Handmade leather cufflinks

The Luxe girlfriend

Us ladies are quite easy to buy for in my opinion, candles and gin are a simple enough gift to get it right - but how about mixing up a little bit with these gorgeous handmade pieces.

Luxury Mulberry Green Silk Eye Mask

Cutest handmade earrings

Handmade Illustrated graphic

The family toddler

Handmade mud kitchen

To encourage independent play for that niece, nephew, son, or daughter.

The new mum

Every new mum is different but I'm sure she'd love to be indulged at this point, she'll have gone through a lot! Here are a few ideas:

Handmade print for the nursery

Handprint & footprint kit

Organic Mother & baby pamper kit

That "Free From" friend

We all have a friend of a family member who has an intolerance, allergy or is on a diet that restricts some food group.

Free From box

Having tried one myself these subscription boxes are great for trying new products that are gluten, milk, oat free. You can try a one-off box or sign up for a monthly subscription. Just make sure you select the one-off if you don't want to pay for a continued monthly subscription forever :)

The teen brother

Whatever they are into at the moment, teen boys aren't really too fussy - get them something fun and you're sorted. Even if it ends up being a one-hit-wonder.

Thomas's trendy socks - also a social enterprise

Asmodee Dobble Card Game

Interactive Green Glow Tshirt

The Cook

Look no further when it comes to the cook in your life. These will guarantee hit jackpot, and if you don't like either then I suggest going for a hamper, why not even make your own.

Pro Tubby Tom's sauces and dust

Custom illustrated recipe

What have you got for your loved ones this Christmas?

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