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Smol in review

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I've been using Smol detergent capsules for almost a year now and I cannot recommend them enough. It all started with the obsession of becoming fragrance and chemical free, to help assist regulate my hormones and general lifestyle. 

I was also impressed with how the packaging is plastic friendly and easy to recycle. It also doesn't cost a bomb, if anything it works out cheaper than regular capsules and powders (with the long-term benefits of also not clogging up your washing machine).  It doesn't stop there, they smell great, they work for sensitive skin (non-bio only) and delicate clothes (wool/silk) AND they work really hard on cleaning clothes, trust me I live with a mountain bike rider!  

The new packaging is great once you get the hang on how to open, but there is a handy video on their website. The only negative I have it that in the heat, a few capsules did stick together - just make sure you keep them in a cool location and in their box they come with.

Get your free trial with my unique code.

FABCON - Smol's fabric conditioner

Now, here’s the hard truth about most fabric conditioners ...

A large quantity of fabric conditioners are made from cow and other animal fat (minus the blood and connective tissue). It’s laundry’s dirtiest secret, and why haven't you heard of this before? Why isn't it written on our bottles? Because it's hidden behind fancy chemical names such as "Ditallowoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfat".

Ridiculous right? As Smol say, if you prefer your cows in fields it’s time to take the bull by the horns and try their fab animal-fat free fabcon 😇 I can't wait to try it. Review to follow!

Fabcon comes in a shiny shade of grey because it’s made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic. Of course, it’s 100% recyclable or returnable for refill also. No more bulky bottles, no more virgin plastic, no more waste for landfill.

You can recycle them locally or return them to Smol for refill. Your fabcon box also holds 4 empties, so save them, rinse them, and send them back. 

They also donate 24 washes to wonderful charities like @TheHygieneBank, who work to tackle hygiene poverty by supplying essential items to those who find themselves in need of aid - it's a no brainer really.  Free trial of capsules>> Smol's Fabcon>>  Dishwasher tablets>> *I have not been paid to post about this product/company. All opinions are my own.

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