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Self Pamper Ritual - Scrubbing

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Does your skin start to look dull and dry from years of sun and mistreatment? Crave a gorgeous natural glow all year round? Here you'll find my go-to treatment for just that!

Body scrubbing is one of my favourite treatments since lockdown I've been missing a quarterly scrub treatment and massage so I have had to up my self-treatments at home. Scrubbing is beneficial for a number of reasons from better circulation to releasing toxins from our bodies. Followed by a good oil covering and you have yourself beautiful glowing skin.

Body brushing

Dry brushing with a body brush may feel sore at first but you get used to it and the harder you can brush.

Benefits of body brushing:

- Boosting circulation

- Draining lymphatic massage

- Releasing toxins in your body

- Removing dead skin cells

- Cellulite reduction

Always move your brush in an upwards direction, towards the heart. I brush in each part of the body around 5-10 times.

Lymph nodes are located throughout your body, including your neck, armpits, groin, around your gut, and between your lungs and under your knee. Concentrate on brushing these areas

Homemade Scrubs

Detoxing, invigorating, lymphatic cleansing <3

- 2 tbsp of course salts or Brown sugar (I use Epson, Pink Himalayan)

- optional 1tsp coffee granules

- 1tbsp Base oil (Mix or one of - Rosehip, massage oil, almond, olive, sunflower, coconut or a Neal's Yard Shower Gel if using in the Shower)

- 5 drops of essential oils, some of my fav combo's below:

>> 2xLemon, 2xLime and 1xGrapefruit

>> 2xPetitgrain, 3xOrange

>> 2Mandarin, 2Basil, 1xLime

>>3x Lavender, 2x Ylang Ylang

>>3xLavender, 2xlemon, 1tsp coffee granules

Rub all over in circular movements. Scrub whilst over a towel or bath so that the salts/sugar can be easily be cleaned up or reused.

Wash off with a towel soaked with warm water or in the bath/shower with gel or soap.

Cover yourself in Oil

For the ultimate spa experience, finish with a luxury oil for all over the body. Toning oils, massage oils or aromatherapy. Rub in circular motions again to stimulate the release of toxins and for a good circulation booster.

Here are some oils I recommend:

Neom - De-stress Body Oil

Neals Yard - Soothing Massage Oil

If you do not have a body oil then a good quality body lotion will also be bliss - I always recommend using a parfum free one.

Concentrated Balms

If you have a balm at home then add some to your feet heels, hand and feet cuticles, elbows/knees and other dry areas you may have.

Neals Yard balms - Bee Lovely and Wild Rose

These are multi-purpose products which can be used as a real treat to your skin and the smells are so good for the soul.

Comment with your fav combo's or feel free to contact me for more recommendations

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