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Wedding prep: bridesmaids dresses, 10 things to consider

Choosing bridesmaids dresses for me was more stressful than finding my wedding dress. When you have five bridesmaids who all have different shapes, height, hair colours, complexion it can be a challenge. I've put together 10 things to consider before launching into the bridesmaids dress hunt. Even better, read them before you decide to ask your crew to be your bridesmaids!

1. Create a picture board

Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all have functionalities for digital saving visuals of your dream day. Or go the old fashioned route, tear up some bridal magazines and make a picture book - I mean why the hell not!!

My Pinterest board can be found here >>

2. Evaluate the shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids

My five bridesmaids have very different body shapes, all beautiful but very very different from one another. I made sure that before I started even thinking of what dresses to try on, I considered what sizes they were, if there was anything which maybe they‘d prefer to avoid and trying to visualise what they would look good in.

3. Establish your colour scheme

This was my biggest struggle. Lots of couples immediately go into wedding planning knowing exactly what colour they want, we did not! After thousands of colour schemes later, I decided on choosing a neutral palette which I could then add spots of bright colours too in the bouquets and theme of the venue. Plus they all looked gorgeous!

Note, you can follow trends but I always recommend following your gut instead :)

4. Set a budget

This will likely change based on the style/colour you end up buying. There are so many companies now who do cheaper versions of the dresses you find in boutiques. Just be wary that the quality of cheaper dresses may not be the same!

5. Try on as many dresses as you can

Long, short, glitzy, plain, glitzy, different colours.. try on all the possibilities.. some may surprise you! I did mine two ways, ordered a ton to my house in every style/colour you can imagine, and also went to a boutique to do the same. I found ordering at home was much easier as we had all the right sizes and selection to try collectively. And when you have ASOS and Klarna so easily accessible, it's rude not to.

6. Things to consider when trying on dresses:

- Are you getting married in a church? If so try avoiding anything risky

- Do they do with your overall colour scheme

- Do they clash with the groomsman's suits

- The height of heels

- Matching the younger ones with the adults

7. Make sure they are comfortable

For me, this was a big part of choosing my dresses for my lovely maids. I wanted to make sure they are all comfortable in what they are wearing and they love the dresses, after all, I'm taking the opportunity for them to find a killer dress for the biggest event of the year :p

8. Shoes

Are they all wearing the same or can they wear their own? If the dresses are long, the option for them to have their own shoes makes more sense. If they are short however you may want to consider the same or similar looking shoes.

9. Accessories

These can go hand in hand with your bridesmaids gifts or you can ask them to wear similar jewellery they already have if you're under a tight budget. Be cautious of any allergies your bridesmaids may have, e.g. some people cannot wear plated silver or cheap metals.

There are hundreds of alternatives to bouquets, you can have head flowers, hoops, fans, baskets, personalised clutch bags - go crazy and be you (just make sure they can juggle them with their day responsibilities!)

10. Makeup

I personally think you have to be considerate of what your bridesmaid's usual makeup “look” is and, if they prefer not to wear makeup at all. However, if you feel that you have that one particular friend who likes to tango themselves, I think it's well within your "Bridal rights" to ask them to bring it down a notch on your day.

How did you get on with choosing your bridesmaids dresses? I can't wait to share with you what I choose later on this year! <3

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