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My Top 5 Gut-Friendly Fighters

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

It can be said that your gut will determine how you feel as a whole. More and more research is pointing us into the direction of a healthier gut equals a healthier life. I've been on a journey over the past few years, exploring ways to improve my wellbeing, and my gut has always been the heart of making me feel better closer to that 100%.

As featured on #Top5thingstodotoday here are my top 5 gut-friendly fighters...


This is the one drink I’m always scanning for when out for a meal or when travelling/shopping around, it gives me the perfect amount of energy whilst also helping me digest big meals, on the run foods. If it wasn’t so expensive to buy, I’d probably buy Kombucha by the bucket load, I haven’t quite got around to making it yet, it’s on my list to do!


So simple to make and often very cheap to buy if you aren’t picky with what you can/cannot eat. Watch out for added ingredients if you are purchasing. I’ve been eating sauerkraut for years, on salads, with sausages and mash etc. More recently I’ve been making my own Kimchi which is essentially a Chinese spicy kind of sauerkraut with carrots too, I have to avoid gluten, so I have specifically designed a recipe which suits my needs!

Symprove/probiotics supplements

I’ve tried most probiotic supplements and can really tell certain strains really benefit me and my high levels of acidity in my stomach. Everyone is different; therefore, I will not list the ones which didn’t work for me, however, something which really has made a noticeable difference was Symprove. This is a product which doesn’t come cheap, however a worthwhile investment if you are an IBS or high acidity sufferer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Not to be consumed excessively, Apple Cider Vinegar has its pro’s and its cons. Some health practitioners swear by it, whereas others knock it. For me, it works. I use it in my salad dressings and sauces, and I feel an anti-inflammatory benefit in doing so, which in turn I believe helps with the acidity in my stomach. Now you’re probably thinking, how can that be possible as it is essentially acetic acid – well I’m no scientist but it helps to fight off unwanted microbes in the tummy. I’ve been told it tastes great diluted with a tsp honey and 200ml of water, but I’m not so sure.


Prebiotics are a specific type of fibre, which is essentially gut bug food. When your gut bugs ferment prebiotics, they produce substances which keep your gut healthy and can make positive changes to your gut microbiome. My fav’s which all form part of my 5 a day are asparagus, artichokes (I buy Waitrose jarred) and olives (making an appearance on every charcuterie board and salad I make), bananas and almonds (snaking and great in protein balls/breakfast bars). Other foods in this category are onion, garlic, leeks, chicory, plums, apples, and in grains such as bran.

There are many other gut fighting foods to consider but these are the ones which fit my everyday life. For example, live yoghurt and kefir are also great for your gut, for me although, not too good as I’m mildly lactose intolerant so I save the little I do eat of it, on cheese <3

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