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Get your 2021 sparkle on

After a difficult 2020, we have entered 2021 in a similar way, expected, but not what we had wished for. I'm sure like many others, you've beaten yourself up for all the things you could have done in the last year, and for all the bad things you did do instead. Well, you're not on your own, and quite frankly stop stressing!

The only way to make 2021 better is to get your sparkle back! How, do you ask? Well, here are a few things you can do this year, however, you need to be accountable - I'll be right there with ya. Let's do this!

  1. Drink lots of water, every day. Hydration is key for so many things, just trust me

  2. Start or get back into that hobby you've always wanted to do

  3. Pamper yourself! Weekly, at least! Pamper ideas>>

  4. Don't forget to nail your skin routine too

  5. Buy that beauty product, home accessory, or dress you've had your eye on for months

  6. Cook your meals from scratch or just make some healthy habits that

  7. Treat yourself to treats, whenever you want

  8. Meditate, sing more, or write it down. Whatever helps you de-stress find it, try everything, and do it more

  9. Exercise more, but do it for YOU not to lose weight. Do you love walking, dancing, or yoga

  10. DON'T go on a fad diet, it's not going to make you happy - just sayin'

  11. Get dressed up for a zoom call! If you don't have one, organize one!

Here are some lockdown ideas/projects to get you through 3.0!

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