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Geometric wall design

Decorating the second bedroom in our house has been on my list for years, ever since we moved in really. So I had no excuse when isolation began in March. Many magazines turning and Pinterest boards later, a quick trip to B&Q (before it closed) provided me with everything I needed for my geometric styled wall.

Before and after >
What to buy

Paint tray, large and small

Small paintbrush (for touching up)

Medium paintbrush

Large paint roller

Wall primer

Paint colours

Painters tape



Interior filler


Bucket of water

Sand down any areas which need to be sanded back and use interior filler on any cracks or holes which may have developed on your ceilings, walls, skirting boards or around your plug sockets. If you do use filler at all, make sure you sand all the areas down again once completely dry.

Wash down your walls to avoid the painting process going a bit funky.

How to create the perfect painted wall

After prepping your wall, make sure you're set your painters tape around the wall to avoid painting wonky alongside your ceilings, adjacent walls and coving/skirting boards. You may wish to pull our plug sockets, just be careful not to touch the wires once removed or get any paint or water on them.

Prime your walls with two coats of wall primer (or one depending on what paint you've bought).

For the geometric effect, you want to pop the painter's tape into place for your initial triangles. I did mine on opposite sides first so that I could do the final middle triangle last as you have to reapply the tape once the other sides have dried.

Once you've applied your second coating of paint, remove the tape. Once this has dried you can apply new tape onto the current triangle edges to then paint the next triangle or set of.

Once the last triangles have been painted, remove all of the tape.

Happy painting!

Image from Frogtape.com. Check out their HOW TO create the perfect geometric look.

Accessorising your room

Frames from IKEA

Paintings done by me

Vogue canvas from Etsy

Marylyn image gifted

Lamp shade IKEA

Neals yard diffusers - Balance

Upcycled small chest of drawers and bedside table - http://www.londonerinthecountry.com/post/upcycling-furniture

For other things to do in isolation, visit my blog post: http://www.londonerinthecountry.com/post/things-to-do-in-isolation

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