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DIY Christmas

The lead up to Christmas 2020 is a strange one, we are all waiting for this year to be over after a traumatic year of the Covid pandemic affecting all of us worldwide. However, Christmas is the one thing we are all holding on to, giving us that little ray of glitter and sparkle to get us to the end of December, where hopefully we can reset everything on NYE. Now there’s a nice thought!

That said, whether you have the extra time on your hands, or limits of funds – even excess of funds and lots of time too, crafting your own Christmas decorations is always a fun thing to do, especially if you have children (of all ages).

Tree and small decorations

So many ways to make your own decorations for the tree, door handles, or walls. The best thing about these is that there are hundreds of tutorials of “how-to” and kits (try Etsy) all over the net, so have a google and see what takes your liking.

Filled baubles – you can buy empty baubles on eBay, or craft shops. Then fill them with what you wish (dried flowers, tinsel, Christmas figurines, etc) or/and why not FAB! paint them! Glitter glue optional for added sparkle!!! Try your own snow globe with leftover polyester from parcels. Tie all up with a ribbon and you have yourself a handmade piece of art you will cherish for years to come.

Knitted decorations – whether you already know how to knit or if you need to learn (which there are many tutorials for online) knitted decorations with added sparkle is always a hit. The same applies to macrame and crochet.

Hand sewn with optional embroidery – As above why not take your decorations one step further with hand-sewn pieces. You could personalise with names, icons, or a pretty pattern. Add beads, glitter thread, and anything you have lying around in your craft drawers.

Felt your own character – lockdown has introduced many lost arts, including the art of felting. Super easy and super fun to do, and you can make so many cute characters, Christmas themed or not. There are an array of kits available online.

Clay and more – there are a number of other ways to get your Christmas tree looking beautiful. Clay/Fimo decorations are also all the rave this year. You can get creative and make a pattern or buy stamps.

Oranges & salt decorations

Let’s not forget the old school tradition of baking your own decorations. Something I do every year is buying a load of oranges, cinnamon stick and cloves to not only put in my mulled wine but to make decorations which smell the house out with the most gorgeous scent.


You can sew these or knit. Personalise with names, hobbies, or favorite things/characters. Keep simple in coordination with your color scheme or go crazy and make them multicolored and jazzy. Either way, a traditional way to make your house Christmassy and you can pop some hidden presents in them for Christmas day.

Wreaths and garlands

A bigger project for you, and maybe a little more technical are wreaths and garlands. you can buy fake (or real) pine wreaths online or in craft/garden shops. For door wreaths, you’ll need a wire wreath ring first and some garden wire to attach everything. For the garland garden wire will suffice. Another option is to decorate a plain wicker wreath for a more country vibe.

Decorate with anything and everything you want, baubles, ribbon, foliage, berries, holly, pinecones, glitter, flowers.

Add twinkly lights for a magical effect, mains or battery powered. Note: for outdoor use, make sure lights are waterproof.

Wrapping up presents

How about using all your leftover craft pieces to create your own unique wrapping designs? Simply wrap up your presents in parcel paper, old maps, or even newspaper, and let your creativity run wild by tying them up with colorful string, ribbons, and adding dried fruits, foliage, animals, bells. Or you could simply draw on a design or pattern.

Let me know how you are styling your home this year, any handmade decoration ideas, or tips.

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