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Cotswolds Gin & Whiskey Tour

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I love Gin like everyone else who caught the Gin bug a couple of years back. The Cotswolds Distillery was so close to home and a treat for my birthday from the Fiance (who happens to like both Gin & Whiskey, win-win for him!).

Really easy to find and set in the beautiful countryside, although the weather wasn't in our favour, the establishment was just beautiful. We arrived a little early so we managed to have a look in the shop and use the facilities. We would have liked to have got there even earlier, to dine in the cafe, as it smelt delicious - next time!

The tour began with a short introduction with our host Dean Oseman, who was fab throughout! We gathered in a lovely presentation room and was short and sweet, and very interesting - not an overload of information at all!

The tour around the rest of the site took about 45mins and was great fun, learning the processes of both Gin and Whiskey making (you'll have to visit to find out ;) ). Seeing the process first hand really connected me to the brand and we were fascinated by the different barrels and time frames of the Whiskey making process.

The tasting was a great way to try the variety of both spirits neat, one ice and with tonic (the Gin), really help appreciate the flavours and what goes into making our favourite drinks! My partner was driving so they gave him a goody bag to take home, and then we did some cheeky shopping!

On the way out we got to pick up some grapefruit and limes, which they give away from free as they only require the peel for their distillery (all hand peeled may I add!)

I highly recommend making a trip if you're in the area, or if you just fancy something a little different. Photos below!

Book a tour >> https://www.cotswoldsdistillery.com/pages/tour#bookyourvisit

The Venue

Gin & Whiskey brewing

Whiskey Barrels


Find out more about Cotswolds Distillery >> https://www.cotswoldsdistillery.com

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