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Chateaubriand, with a peppercorn sauce

This Chateaubriand recipe is super easy and one of my favs, being such a delicious cut of meat which I just don't think you can get wrong. This is cut from the centre section of beef tenderloin and by far my first choice when choosing a cut of meat. I headed over to Over Farm Market in Gloucestershire for this; our fav place to buy fresh meat and it was so worth it! 30minutes from prep to eating, served with a large glass of red vino and relaxing music - utter bliss!

For the meat

Chateaubriand steak 500g

Spring Rosemary

Salt and pepper to taste


Pre-heat oven on gas mark 5

Heat your pan (no oil needed)

Sear the outside of the meat, all sides

- Rare: 15mins

- Medium rare: 18 mins

- Medium: 20mins

- Well done: 25mins

Et voila! Just carve it up once you're ready!

Peppercorn sauce (non-boozey)

3tbsp peppercorn (in the pestle and mortar)

1 shallot

1tsp Worcestershire sauce

60g butter

125ml beef stock

100ml double cream


Melt the butter and add the shallot, cook till golden brown

Add the Worcestershire sauce and cook for 1minute

Add the peppercorns and the stock, cook for 5minutes on a medium heat

Add the cream and bring to a boil, let it then simmer on a low heat for 10-15mins.

Then serve in a heated gravy boat

We served this with tender stem broccoli (steamed, then fried with oil and garlic), chips from the local chippy, and my very own peppercorn sauce above! Perfection!

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