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CBD gummy review

You will likely have already heard of over the counter CBD as it has increased in popularity over the past year or so. There are more and more studies proving that this natural supplement can have positive impacts on our health and wellbeing, including for sleep and anxiety*.

It is a compound extracted from cannabidiol and not to be confused with the substance which gets you high, THC, so no need to worry there it's legal (UK). Whilst research is still in its infancy, there are tonnes on the market, and it is suggested that you purchase widely these days. It is important to discuss with your doctor if you have any health issues or take medication as it may affect their efficiency.

There is a variety of forms in which you can take a CBD supplement:

  • CBD gummies - taken or eaten, can take up to 2 hours to have an effect but lasts longer

  • CBD Oil - taken as drops (follow instructions on pamphlet) quicker effect but doesn't last as long.

Having used CBD oil for a couple of months to help aid my sleep when needed (note I only use it when I am feeling restless or anxious) I have noticed a significant change in my sleeping and how I feel in the morning.


I have since tried the CBD gummies, which with the flavoring are a lot nicer to digest as CBD has quite a strong taste. I had one or two over the Christmas break as I felt consumed with struggles as we moved into tier 4 of UK Covid restrictions, and I felt a significant shift in my mood almost instantaneously.

I did not have any further side effects from this product and I would definitely buy them again.

Check out CBD boom website for more CBD products.

CBD and sleep

Sleepness nights can impact negatively on our overall health and lifestyle, energy levels and mood are affected preventing us from reaching our full potential.

One dose of CBD is known to induce a good night's sleep and to help stay asleep - for those unable to switch off at night due to anxiety or insomnia, this could be a game-changer. Whilst there is still plenty of research to be done, there are many studies and statements out they which have proven CBD helps to drift off into a long-lasting sleep, feeling refreshed the following day*.

To find out more about how it can help improve your sleep, read CBD for sleep.

My guide for better sleep can be found here.

CBD and Anxiety

Like sleep, anxiety can be a real hindrance in reaching our life goals and can be a big factor in sleep loss. Some studies have proven that CBD can help manage anxiety, as it can change the way your brain's receptors respond to serotonin, reducing stress, heart rate, PTSD symptoms. The internet is filled with various studies and opinions of its effects on anxiety and depression, and whilst it isn't scientifically proven, there are many to suggest its benefits and many suggest none at all.


​CBD has also been shown to help in healing 3 major issues that affect PCOS'ers, being a long-term sufferer of PCOS I understand the benefits of good night sleep, and how anxiety can really affect my lifestyle.

  • It helps to lower cortisol (those with adrenal fatigue can relate! Cortisol makes us hold weight in our midsection like nothing else!)

  • It helps insulin resistance (hangry attacks? 70% of PCOS'ers struggle with this, and it contributes to the uncontrollable weight gain)

  • It is anti-inflammatory (a very common one for PCOS'ers)⠀

Find out more about PCOS and my journey here.

Find out more about the benefits of CBD oil in this article from Healthline.

*Disclaimer: CBD is not to be used during pregnancy, no studies suggest that it is safe or not so best to avoid it. Always seek advice from your doctor if you are not sure or if you have underlying health conditions. Not everything works the same for everyone!

Generally, CBD is tolerated by most, however, there can always be certain side effects to anything we consume. Some of those which have been known are below:

- diarrhea

- changes in appetite

- changes in weight

- fatigue

- drowsiness

- jitteriness

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