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Candle Making

I love making candles for my home ad it is SO easy to do! It is an inexpensive way of having luxurious candles in your home without the hefty price tag, and many more benefits as you know what ingredients you are putting in. Read more below on how to make your own candle!

What you'll need
  • Soy wax >>I use this ( there are tonnes of other varieties)

  • Scales to weigh out your wax

  • Small saucepan and a large pan (or you can use a ban-marie)

  • Candle wick's >>I have these

  • Container ( I use old candle pots, jars, tins)

  • Glue dots/glue gun (or other glue, just make sure you pre-glue in advance if it needs time to stick)

  • Essential Oils of your choice (try pre-mixing scents on a tissue)

  • Thermometer >>I have this

  • Something to hold your wicks (I use kebab sticks)

  • Scissors or wick cutter

Before you start, gather all your items on your counter and measure out how much wax you will need for the size container you have. I measure by filling my container twice with dried wax and pour straight into my small saucepan. If I am doing multiple containers, I repeat for each.


1. Melt your wax in a small saucepan over a larger pan/saucepan filled a quarter way with water OR ban-marie to the recommended temperature advised by your wax supplier

TIP: I also use the bottom of old candles, this tops up and brings extra scent from previous candles (the dark bits in the saucepan are burnt pieces of wick)

2. Place your wick in a central point in your pot with a glue dot or hot gun

TIP: if you only have a glue which needs a few hours to dry then do this in advance

3. Once the wax reaches the correct temperature take off the heat, add your essential oil (circa 10 drops for a small candle, 20 for medium and 30 for a large) and mix gently. Pour in your container/containers'

TIP: Make sure it's somewhere it can sit for a while as it'll be very hot!!

My bath time candle: Women's Balance (blend), Lavender

My Uplifting house candle: Vitality (blend), Orange

4. Lastly, fix your wick with a wick holder or pin to make sure your wick is straight and centralised and leave for curing for at least 24 hours. Once set, cut your wick around ½ cm long.

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