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Autumn/winter skincare routine

The change of season calls for change in skincare. Tucked away in the back of my cupboards are my summer lightweight creams with minimal coverage, and my bathroom shelf is replaced with thick moisturizing creams, oils, and restoring facial treatments. Skin well and truly in hibernation, in repair from the UV damage over the sunnier months.

My facial skin routine is personal to me, it's taken a good few products to find those which work for me. The most important thing is to recognize your skin type. I have a mixed, combination skin - so sometimes I have oily or dry days/patches, so I change up some products I use based on how my skin is at the time.

Morning routine

Cleanser - I use this for combo skin>>

Toner - I use this for Dry Skin>> (great for the colder months)

Acid - Salicylic acid serum or Vit C Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturiser - I use this for combo skin>>

Jade Roller - roll over the face for a good 5 minutes

Evening Routine

Cleanser - I use the same one I use in the morning, sometimes I'll cleanse twice if my skin needs extra love. I'll use Cetaphil

Acid - Salicylic acid serum as above

Treat - Beauty Concentrate>> or Clinique Blue Orchid Oil Treatment>>

Jade Roller - roll over the face for a good 5 minutes

In between routine

Trans-seasonal skin can often become dry, flaky, and generally bad-tempered. Gently exfoliate once or twice a week to get back in your skin’s good books and keep dull skin at bay. Targeted Face Masks are a great way to restore balance, analyze what your skin needs, and find the right one for you.

Scrub - once or twice a week.

I use two types. Course Honey & Orange>> or fine Rose Polish>>

Face masks - once a fortnight, or sooner if I need it.

I use Neal's Yard White Tea Mask>> to restore balance

For targeting flaky/dry skin BalanceMe Radiance Face Mask >>

For targeting oily skin Dr.Organic Manuka Honey Mask>>

For targeting dull skin Garnier Moisture Bomb>>

For sensitive skin/big breakouts Ren EverCalm Rescue Mask>>

Sun care

Just because the sun isn’t beating down daily doesn’t mean you can slack on the sun protection. Try to make sure one of your products has an SPF in it.

Parched lips need a little looking after too. Dry, cracked lips are never a good look, so protect your pout with a rich lip balm, I use Neals Yard Bee Lovely lip balm.

So, if your skin’s suffering post-summer or you’re worried about cold weather taking its toll (or both), our top tips can help your skin survive the transition from summer to autumn. Next, get set for the cold snap with Boots winter skincare tips.


By now, you’re probably well aware of ‘maskne’ – the term given to breakouts caused by wearing a face covering. With experts blaming a build-up of moisture, disrupting our microbiome balance, causing breakouts, irritation, and excessive dryness. Scientific research also shows that bacteria can ’connect’ to produce more sporadic breakouts over time, too.

This means it is really important to:

- Cleanse your skin twice a day more than ever, once if the morning and once before bed

- Avoid touching your face as much as possible, no matter how sore/itchy

- Change your mask every day, go and buy more if you only have one

- Make sure your masks are cotton or silk, some materials can irritate

Try Belei Salicylic acid 2% serum

Try Murad Calryfying Oil-Free Water Gel

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Neal's Yard for skincare. All their products are perfume-free and organic which I love in a product, knowing I'm not putting harmful chemicals on my skin.

Let me know if you have any winter skin heroes or any questions about routine or products :) always happy to help out!

Disclaimer: I'm not a dermatologist or doctor so these are all my own opinions and not everything works the same for everyone. If you are having skin issues/problems which are affecting you, I would suggest seeking advice from a professional.

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